How to keep your customers

To keep your business going you need to ensure that your customers will stick around to buy your products or services. Here are some key things you should do to make your marketing working and keep your customers.


Following-up does not mean you are pushy. Keeping in touch with your customers makes them feel important and taken care of. It’s even more important then making an initial contact. It allows to build long-term relations and keep the orders coming.

High quality goods and services

It’s simple, your products and services have to be excellent. It’s not all about marketing. Customers, happy with what you are selling is the best marketing out there. The word of mouth can bring you the largest numbers of new buyers.

Keep the reputation of top quality

Proficient and effective customer service.Post sales support is equally as important as the quality of what you sell. Most companies are week and that’s why you can build your advantage over your competitors. Good customer service is a factor that will not only let you keep your customers but will make them love you.

Learn from others mistakes

Keep watching what your competition is doing. They are making decisions and making mistakes. You can learn your lesson out of this and improve even further.

Provide a guarantee and refunds

If your product or service is high quality you don’t have to be afraid of returns and complains. Offering a guarantee ensures your customers you are confident with what you sell. Of course some refunds might occur but those won’t cause any cash flow problems and you will get a valuable feedback from your costumers. This will inform you where to improve.

Feedback from your customers

Listening and learning from people buying your products. After all they are the most experienced users of what you are selling. Their information is extremely valuable to develop your offer. Create different ways of communication and keep in touch.


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