about us

Our company:

We run a plant that creates brands. We are here to help you appear, stand out and gain an advantage over your competitors. Building brand awareness is necessary for your success and proper brand language and tools are crucial. Our team consists of people originating from different cultures and trades. We know how your visual brand identity will be seen around the world and how your statement will be understood. We have the tools to make it all work for you.


To combine experience and passion of extraordinary people and provide unique and effective products that works for your success nationwide and worldwide.


We are dedicated to your success.We love our creations and feel responsible for them.


Why Choose Us

  • Your success, is our success
  • Professional approach to any project
  • High quality graphics and prints
  • Experienced website designers
  • We’re expert listeners and problem solvers
  • ┬áLarge agency results, small agency focus

Our team

Maryla Pawlowska

Managing Director

Aga Orzechowska

Media Director

Marcin Sarnecki

Business Development

Lukasz Malinowski

Development Director

Agnieszka Galezowska

Creative Director

Marek Sarnecki

Print Production Director